DIACOMIT® is available in dosage of 250mg and 500mg, both in hard capsules and powder for oral suspension in sachets.

In EMA member states, in Japan and Canada the recommended posology is 50mg/kg/day.

According to country-dependant regulations, only qualified physicians are allowed to initiate DIACOMIT® treatment. Then, all changes or modifications of antiepileptic treatment must only be made with the approval of the medical practitioner who regularly follows the patient.

Before starting DIACOMIT® and every six month thereon, a blood count and a liver function test have to be performed, in order to control the number of neutrophilsASTALT and γGT enzymes levels.

DIACOMIT® is to be taken with a glass of water in two or three intakes during meals. Indeed DIACOMIT® might be altered in an acid environment (e.g. exposure to gastric acid in an empty stomach).

According to the Summary of Product Characteristic, DIACOMIT® should not be taken with milk or dairy products (yoghurt, soft cream cheese, etc.), carbonated drinks, fruit juice or food and drinks that contain caffeine or theophylline.

Indications regarding intakes of DIACOMIT® with milk or dairy products are submitted recommendations. They result from the fact that no studies regarding potential interactions between DIACOMIT® and milk or dairy product have been performed.

If the patient should miss an intake of DIACOMIT®, the original intake schedule should be continued. In no way should a double intake be taken after intake skipping.

Should you have any other interrogations, please refer to DIACOMIT® Summary of Product Characteristics in your country.

For references, please access “Using DIACOMIT” through the Bibliography part located in Resources tab.