DIACOMIT® treatment should be undertaken under the supervision of a medical doctor who is knowledgeable about Dravet Syndrome. All initiation, change or modification of antiepileptic treatment must only be made with the approval of the medical practitioner who regularly follows the patient. If you should have any questions regarding treatments, you should feel free to ask this doctor.

DIACOMIT® increases the clobazam blood level concentration, and therefore may induce side effects. For this reason, a straight away reduction of the clobazam dose should be started concomitantly to DIACOMIT® treatment initiation.

In case the patient experiences side effects, a weekly 25% reduction of the daily dose of clobazam should be done. This reduction may be renewed until disappearance of the side effect.

Daily Dose Diacomit

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The average dose of clobazam is generally around 0.5mg/kg/day.

In general, the most common side effects encountered when associating clobazam with DIACOMIT® are: drowsiness, ataxia, hypotonia, and dystonia.

For references, please access “Using DIACOMIT” through the Bibliography part located in Resources tab.